Trees4Values (T4Values) is a “Loyalty” program that Business / Organization can implement for Customers, whereby the Business / Organization agrees to deduct a portion of the revenue from business activities to purchase Tree Investing packages through the Better Globe project, the Customers shall be the owner of trees.

The trees (mainly is Mahaghony Mukau) will be planted by Better Globe Vietnam’s partner – Better Globe Forestry (BGF) in Kenya, and after 15 years, BGF will buy back the initial tree investment package and return to the owner x 10 times the original investment value.


  • This is an effective way to connecting with Customers, increasing sustainable values for Customers when buying products and using services of the Enterprise / Organization.
  • Creating a meaningful differentiated value for your business, enhancing the reputation, increasing sales opportunities
  • Your organisation is flexible to decide how many percent of revenue deducted to buy trees and giving to your customers in accordance with the company’s cost structure (recommendation: 1% to 10%)
  • For every 20 trees that your organisation give to your customers, Better Globe will give to your organisation a 1 tree for FREE.
  • Certified partner of the Better Globe project.

T4Save is suitable for all businesses and organizations that love and support the values of the Better Globe project.

WHY CHOOSE Trees4Values

  • Corporates show their Social Responsibility (CSR): doing business to seek profit from trading activities, while return to the environment through the tree planting activity of the Better Globe project, each mahogany tree you invest in contributes to the reduction of 500 kg of CO2 emissions, reduction of soil erosion, anti-desertification and soil improvement.
  • Contribute to poverty alleviation in the planting region (Africa): tree plantations create jobs for local people. An investment package for micro-credit programs – where people can take small loans to develop household economy to improve income
  • Water for domestic and irrigation: help to build plumbing systems, accumulate water for farming and living in harsh areas.
  • Right Education: Part of a your investment package to build schools and educate children the right way from a young age through Better Globe’s partner – Child Africa. Children learn “honesty and integrity” and are an essential foundation to fight poverty, corruption and, above all, self-help.
  • You and your customers will receive an attractive return on investment and savings with an attractive interest rate of up to 16.59% / year (compound interest) after 15 years in humanistic meaning. And Better Globe calls this is the sustainable investment.


  • Corporates / Organizations sign a contract with Better Globe for the Trees4Value programe.
  • Corporates / Organizations pays to Better Globe the purchasing amount of trees at the price of 8 Euros per tree
  • These amount of trees will be give to Customers of Corporates / Organizations. Better Globe Vietnam will transfer the investing amount to our partner – Better Globe Forestry (Kenya) to grow and take care of Mahaghony Mukau.
  • After 15 years, the tree reaches maturity, BGF will process to harvest and buy back and return the investment package for 80 Euro (x10 times) to the ower.
  • Better Globe will be responsible for your trees to grow and profitably, BGF will process the harvesting and turn trees into furniture and / or interior finishes (flooring, etc.).
  • Customers will receive a Tree Ownership Certificate issued by Better Globe. During the investment package, the tree is owned by the customer. After the investment is fully buy backed, the customer will be no longer owns ownership or any rights to the tree.
  • All trees purchased are certified and insured. You can supervise these trees through Better Globe’s online system. Better Globe will have an annual tree planting report along with GPS coordinates, so customers can see where the trees are and see how they grow on “Google Earth”.


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