Trine Emilia Kvale – The CEO of Better Globe in Vietnam – a successful business woman in Norway in many fields shared her ambition to spreading the mission of Better Globe Group: to grow as many trees as the number of people live on this earth. TrineK wants to spread this mission to the Vietnamese people, especially the children. She wants to help poor children in Vietnam through the project “Doing business for the community” by planting trees.

Trine Emilia Kvale – CEO of Better Globe Viet Nam

Born in Binh Thuan – Vietnam, Trine Emilia Kvale grew up in the happiest country in the world – Norway. That is why she received the most civilized culture, education and lifestyle. In which, the awareness of people about global issues is always high. One of them is the awareness of planting trees, protecting the global climate environment, and is always interested by the Norwegian people. Therefore, from the first time working with the founder of Better Globe AS – Mr. Rino Solberg, a tree planting project, Trine was very impressed, and she wanted to spread this value to everyone. people in Vietnam – her hometown.

Better Globe Vietnam Grand Opening Ceremony in 02/2019

Products of Better Globe Vietnam

  1. Individual Trees Planting Investment: When you buy a mahogany tree for € 8 / tree and grown in Africa, after 15 years the Norwegian company Better Globe will buy back your tree for € 80 / tree.
    Accordingly, mahogany is owned by individuals, not by the company. Number of trees owned by each “Tree Owner”; is recorded in Better Globe databases and a secure US-based server.
  2. Better Globe has a package for businesses: where both buyers and sellers get 20% of their value when buying or selling a property by participating in the African-grown Mahogany project.

Example: If you buy a property for € 100,000. Seller pays 4% (€ 4,000) to Better Globe Vietnam. And get 500 mahogany for 8 € / tree. In the 15th year, Better Globe Norway will buy back for 80 € / tree. The buyer receives 20% of the purchase price using the formula: 80 € x 250 trees = € 20,000. The seller also receives a 20% return on the purchase price using the formula: 80 € x 250 trees = € 20,000.

All trees purchased are certified and insured. You can check on the performance as well as these trees through Better Globe’s online system. Better Globe will have annual tree planting reports along with GPS coordinates, so customers can see where and how they grow on “Google Earth”.

Trine personally believes that THE COMMUNITY BASED BUSINESS – A BETTER GLOBAL WAY, with inputs that bring a lot of business to the community and complete transparency, will bring good results for millions of poor people in the world. Vietnam. Helping Vietnam integrate with the world quickly and sustainably.


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